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                             NOTES FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE


Cold and flu season is upon us!  Here are some tips for staying healthy:


  • Washing your hands is the single most important thing you can do to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.


  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and place used tissues in the trash.


  • Get plenty of rest and eat a well balanced diet.


  • Remember, influenza or the “Flu” is a respiratory illness identified by cough, congestion, high fever and body aches.  It can only be diagnosed by a physician.


  • Stay home from work or school until fever free 24hrs without medication. 


REMINDER FOR PARENTS:  A Bedford County permission form must be completed with appropriate signatures in order for students to receive medications at school. Medication sent to school in a sandwich bag with a note from parent will not be accepted by the nurse.  Also, students should not call or text parent to go home.  Student should ask teacher for permission to go to the clinic to see the nurse when not feeling well.      


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Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!

 Important clinic information

Medical and Emergency Concerns 

            If your child has a history of asthma, diabetes, seizure disorder, food or bee sting allergy, or any other health issue, please contact the school nurse. It is important that you fill out the required permission forms/health care plans so that we can assist your child with any medical needs that may arise during the school year.


Medication - Rules and Procedures

            Please note the procedure regarding the administration of medication during the school day.  This policy has been set forth by Bedford County Schools for the safety of your child:

·         Acetaminophen pain reliever and emergency use antihistamine are available in the clinic for occasional student use.  The appropriate Bedford county form must be signed. A parent will be notified if Acetaminophen is given more than twice in one week. 

·         Any over the counter medication must be accompanied with the appropriate Bedford County form.  In addition, it must be in the original container.  Dosage instructions on the label will be followed. 

·         Hand written notes and/or phone requests by a parent regarding medication cannot be honored. 

·         Prescription medication requires a signed permission form from the physician as well as parent.  These must be on the appropriate Bedford county form.  Medication must be in the original pharmacy container (ask the pharmacist for a small labeled container for the school).  Any changes in prescription medication dosage must have a physician order.  Each medication requires its own medication form.

·         Asthmatics may carry and self-administer inhalers if the proper paperwork is filled out along with a doctor’s signature.  All inhalers must be properly labeled. 

·         Please do not send medication to school with your child.  It is preferred that a parent or guardian bring medication to school. 

·         Medication must be picked up at the end of the school year; any medication not picked up will be discarded.             


            Review of all health records will be completed to verify that all students are properly immunized.  Parents/Guardians will be notified if any documentation is missing.  All students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are required to have the Tdap booster or provide a religious/medical exemption.  Your child must receive the Tdap vaccine before the first day of school.  The local health department provides the immunization free for sixth grade enrollment.  To review important information regarding the HPV vaccine please click on Health Documents, Forms and Information at top of page.

 Medical Insurance

            If your child needs medical insurance, the children’s health insurance called FAMIS may be  available to assist you and your family.  Please contact school nurse for more information. 

A fever is a temperature of 100 degrees or more.  Your child needs to be fever free without medication or administered antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.

Student Wellness Policy
           Bedford County Public Schools recognizes the link between student health and learning.  The division desires to provide a school health policy promoting good nutrition, physical activity and wellness.  A revision of the Student Wellness policy was completed in May 2018.  You can visit the BCPS website to review the goals that have been established to promote student wellness.  (Please note changes of particular importance regarding the goals for Curriculum and Instruction. See Healthy Snack Food list under forms and information at top of this page.) 

Important Miscellaneous info
The clinic is a safe Zone for discussion of any health concerns a student may have.  Students are asked to  NOT USE CELL PHONES to call parent if not feeling well or feel the need to go home.  Students should ask a teacher to come to the clinic.  The nurse will call parent as needed. 

Don't forget to enroll your child in Caredox which is Bedford County's electronic medical documentation program.  This will allow you to receive notification of your child's clinic visit electronically by email.  (See Health Documents, Forms and information at top of page.  Click on Caredox link for information regarding how to sign up.)    



 I am happy  to assist with your child's educational experience!  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health needs, please contact me  at 540-586-3933 or 540-586-1270. You may also refer to the Family Handbook

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