Automotive Body Repair I & II

Instructor: Ralph "Eddie" Rice
Email: [email protected]

Grade Level(s): 11-12

Location: BSTC

Credit: 3 Units Yearly

Competences: Automotive Body Repair

Auto Body Technology I Competencies

Auto Body Technology II Competencies

This course provides training at Bedford Science and Technology Center in repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing automobile bodies. During the first year, emphasis is given to the development of skills in oxyacetylene welding, and (M.I.G.) metal inert gas welding. Repairing, replacing and aligning of auto body parts such as doors, fenders, hood panel and trunk lids will also be performed in the first year of instruction. Emphasis will also be given in body filler application, masking procedures, priming panels, and spray painting.

In the second year, additional skills are developed in M.I.G. welding, part replacement, and operating frame straightening equipment. I-CAR procedures and estimating repair costs are included in the training. Skills in sanding, masking, and spray painting of various paints used in industry, including base coat, clear coat and polyurethane paint systems are also learned.