Building Construction I & II

Instructor: Sam Morgan 

Email: [email protected]


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Grade Level(s): 11-12


nrollment requirements: It is helpful if the student has taken Construction Technology in the Technology Ed. Dept, but it is not required.

Certification or licensing requirements and/or opportunities: Students will take a 10 hr. OSHA Construction Safety course and will become certified. This certification is required by many employers in the construction field. Students will be taking SKILLSUSA Carpentry Assessment Test in order to get the carpentry credential. Seniors will take the Va. Pre- Contractor License course and will be registered with DPOR to be eligible to pursue a Va State Contractor License.

Description:   Building Construction is a two year program designed to develop in the student entry level skills in the light construction industry and basic cabinetry.   Shop skills are taught in a 4500 sq. ft. lab equipped with industrial quality woodworking and construction machinery. Pneumatic tools and all modern portable power tools are used to simulate on-the-job work as nearly as possible. . We participate in various Work Based Learning (WBL) opportunities as they become available. In the first year, instruction is provided in shop safety, machine and tool use, blueprint reading, house framing, applying roofing materials. Also in the first year, is the introduction to masonry with concrete placement and block laying. 

During the second year students learn to install windows and doors, insulating, interior wall coverings, and installation of vinyl siding and exterior trim.  They will also receive instruction in interior and exterior trim methods along with advanced woodworking skills. Advanced rafter and stair building will be included in the second year

Physical requirements: Physical strength for carrying building materials is necessary. No fear of heights for ladder and roof work. Ability to work outside in hot and cold conditions.

1st nine weeks: Practicing Safe Work Habits

Basic Carpentry Math Skills
Blueprint Reading
Machine Maintenance
Construction Materials
Stationary Power Tool Operation

2nd nine weeks:Framing

Deck building 
Joist span/ footer placement
Deck handrail
Deck pickets

3rd nine weeks: Wall board

Ceramic Tile

4th nine weeks: Assembly of Cabinets

Trim work
Interior door/window casing
Interior crown/chair rail
Nine weeks grades include class, lab, and job site evaluation in addition to nine
week tests.
Formative: 40%
Work, daily grades, quizzes, employee traits, safety
Summative: 60%