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Chef Zac Shupe

Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, American Culinary Federation member, National Restaurant Association Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctor.

 I have been in the food service industry for 20+ years working in just about every facet possible. I strive to inform the students with the most up-to-date techniques, trends, and methods possible in preparation for a successful future in hospitality.

Canvas Info:

The Culinary Arts I curriculum provides students with the foundations for a comprehensive knowledge of the foodservice industry and opportunities to build technical skills. Students examine and practice basic rules and procedures related to kitchen and food safety, kitchen sanitation procedures, and emergency measures. Students explore the purchasing and receiving of goods and study fundamental nutritional principles and guidelines. As they explore food-preparation techniques, students practice applying these 
techniques to the preparation and serving of basic food products. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on science and mathematics knowledge and skills.

The Culinary Arts II curriculum provides students with continuing opportunities to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the foodservice industry as well as to expand their technical skills. Students practice kitchen safety and sanitation, apply nutritional principles to food preparation and storage, perform a wide range of more advanced food-preparation techniques including garde manger and baking, refine their dining room serving skills, develop menus, perform on-site and off-site catered functions, and strengthen their business and math skills. The curriculum continues to place a strong emphasis on science and mathematics knowledge and skills
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